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10 Artists to Discover at the 2021 New Museum Triennial

Evgeny Antufiev is listed in Artsy's selection of artists one shouldn’t miss at the fifth edition of the New Museum Triennial “Soft Water Hard Stone”.


The Opening of 13th Kandinsky Prize nominees' exhibition

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and international cultural foundation Breus Foundation present 13th Kandinsky Prize nominees' exhibition. The exhibition is held in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art until November 21.


Sidur Museum presents "The Amazing Journey of Mischievous Boy"

The Vadim Sidur Museum and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art present The Amazing Journey of a Mischievous Boy, a research project by artist Anna Titova who reimagines the renovated permanent exhibition of the Vadim Sidur Museum. It took several years to complete the project which also includes the reconstruction of Sidur’s lost sculpture as well as interaction with public organizations in the Perovo and Novogireevo districts. The project is the result of Anna Titova’s long research into the means and practices of reproducing social and cultural connections that work in urban environments. Inspired by a critical reading of modernist urban utopias, gender studies of subjectivity, and the concept of distributed action in Jane Bennett’s new materialism, the artist explores the conditions allowing to transform hierarchical cultural systems into open and inclusive environments, with immersiveness becoming an inclusion that endows the public with a new level of agency.


Ustina Yakovleva will participate in "Archstoyanie" festival

Within the framework of the XVI International Festival of Landscape Objects "Archstoyanie"  Ustina Yakovleva will present her project "Cocoon".

"Personal" - an exposition created by five artists and five architects. Each of them is asked to represent their thoughts about personal feelings and experiences in the form of an art object located in a chapel.

In the chapel "Cocoon" created by Ustina Yakovleva, viewers can see an object resembling a cocoon, made of threads and glass details. "Cocoon" is a story about rebirth, about the time of transformation: "... about femininity, rebirth, acquiring of a new form: when from the cocoon of the transformational state you come to accept yourself, to the utmost revealing and to the faith in the world."


Vogue Russia on street art in Nizhny Novgorod

We are pleased to present the August issue of Vogue Russia with an article devoted to the phenomenon of Nizhny Novgorod's art scene. Among its representatives - Artwin Gallery's artists. Don't miss a chance to see an incredible shoots including works of Artem Filatov, Vladimir Chernyshev, Alexey Korsi and Timofey Radya.


Evgeny Granilshchikov's exposition at Richer Hotel

The exhibition of Evgeny Granilshchikov "You and Me and All These Things Between Us" at Richter Hotel is on view through July 24. The media project was supported by Samsung The Frame.

Each work is a series of concise videos that describe the artist's feelings caused by a protracted lockdown. Works from the series appeared in a context when all things, from a coffee maker on the stove to a frame of the window facing the courtyard, turned into metaphors. A carton of milk standing motionless in the fridge and a walk to the store - an object and an event - became fundamentally equal in a situation of heightened sense of life. Evgeny invites us to rethink our attitude to everyday life and asks the question: did things remain the same after we peered at them and heard their speech?


Sofiya's choice: new names in contemporary art scene

WINZAVOD Center for Contemporary Art has launched a new platform "New Names" aimed at young artists' support. On this occasion, the founder of the Center Sophia Trotsenko chose ten promising young artists for ELLE DECORATION.

Mika Plutitskaya, Artwin Gallery's artist, was included in the list of promising artists.


Polina Kanis for Public Park project

From the 1st to the 4th of July, at the Citadel Park in Ghent, 20 artists will present their work as part of the Publiek Park project. Polina Kanis, Artwin Gallery artist, will participate with a video “The Room” - the first chapter in the project ‘Toothless Resistance’

Commissioned by Cultural Creative Agency (CCA), Moscow.


Evgeny Antufiev's solo exhibition 'Dead Nations. Eternal vision'

Evgeny Antufiev's solo exhibition 'Dead Nations. Eternal vision' opened on the 11th of June at the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia in Rome. The exhibition is organized by z2o Sara Zanin Gallery and curated by Marina Dacci and Svetlana Marich.

Located in one of the wings of the museum, the exhibition engages in a dialogue with the exhibits of the museum on three levels. In the garden there are an obelisk and vessels in their interaction with the architectural landscape. Then, in one of the premises, Antufiev's works intervene the exposition of Etruscan antiquities, reinterpreting and actualizing the treasures of ancient tombs. In another room, a fictitious 'cabinet of antiquities' was created with display cases and cabinets in which Antufiev's ceramics and bronze are located - a real tribute to the craftsmanship of Etruscan artisans.

The exhibition is held until 26th of September. Free entrance, no booking required.


Объявлены номинанты Премии Кандинского

В список номинантов по итогам двух туров голосования экспертного совета вошли художественные произведения и научные работы 34-х участников творческого конкурса, среди которых представлены художники Artwin Gallery.

Номинация «Проект года»

  • Полина Канис — «Беззубое сопротивление»
  • Артем Филатов, Алексей Корси — «Сад им.»

Номинация «Молодой художник. Проект года»

  • Владимир Чернышев — «Бассейн»
  • Владимир Чернышев — «Остановка»


Artist Talk: Polina Kanis and Anna Bouali

From 4 to 20 June Dom Radio in St. Petersburg will host the first joint project of musicAeterna and Aksenov Family Foundation in the field of contemporary visual arts, organized in collaboration with the international art fair viennacontemporary (Austria).

An Artist talk with Polina Kanis and Anna Bouali is held within the framework of the "Summer Exhibition" on June 5.


Online-project by Anna Titova for @52proposalsforthe20s

Anna Titova participates in Maria Lind's online-project @52proposalsforthe20s with a series "City Reclaimed by Multitude".

Series of montages based on the vision that the next decade of the 20s can be "the Roaring 20s" when people tired of atomisation and isolation are reclaiming the social spaces and joining. The new serie marks ongoing research presenting sculptures, text, archive and design, dedicated to the analysis of social practices, places and spaces, borders and identities.  

About the project: Throughout 2021, as in 2020, curator Maria Lind invites fifty-two artists to inhabit the account @52proposalsforthe20s and make weekly proposals for the decade of the 2020s.


The 12-th Kandinsky Prize announced the winners

Gallerie's artist Evgeny Antufyev won in nomination "Project of the Year" for his exhibition project "When art became part of the landscape I, II and III", which were located at Manifesto 12 in Palermo, Memorial museum-studio of S. T. Konenkoov and Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow. 


The exhibition of the 12th Kandinsky Prize

On October, 9 at the Moscow Museum of Modern art at Petrovka, 25, the exhibition of nominees of the 12th Kandinsky Prize has opened .

Artwin Gallery artists Evgeny Antufyev, Polina Kanis and RADYA are represented in the nominations "Project of the year" and "Young artist".

The finalists will be announced on October, 22.
The exhibition will last until November 17, 2019.


Evgeny Antufiev takes part in show in Cartier foundation

On 4th of April , the Cartier Foundation of contemporary art in Paris will open an exhibition of young European artists from 16 countries, showing the diversity of voices and the liveliness of cultural exchange. The curator Thomas Delamarre brought together 21 artists of the new generation, whose artistic practices were formed after the fall of the Berlin wall. These authors work with drawing and sculpture, design and video, addressing a whole layer of themes and meanings. Russian artist Evgeny Antufiev is inspired by ancient civilizations and historical figures. He participated in the Biennale "Manifesta" in Palermo last year - exhibited in the Archaeological Museum along with the Greeks, Phoenicians and Etruscans - the following two parts of the project were showen in Moscow. Now Evgeny is attached to the project of Metamorphosis.


Artwin Gallery takes part in Art Central Fair 2019

Artwin Gallery takes part in Art Central Fair 2019. The gallery presents the artworks by Tim Parschikov, Dima Rebus and Anna Titova. Art Central 2019 will welcome over 100 leading galleries from 22 countries.

The fair will last from 26 till 31 March 2019.


Performance By Olya Kroytor "2344. Penetration"

Evening of contemporary art, organized to support the charity organization "Children's villages – SOS" took place in the Embassy of Austria in 21st of February. 

The evening began with a spectacular performance by artist Olya Kroytor "2344. Penetration». 

The performance is based on Olga Kroytor's performance "2344" — this is the length of the thread from which the dress was created for the first version of the work. In the final project of the exhibition "Here and now!"the artist refuses herself as the main performer, because the Director and the performer have their own ways that they need to overcome. The work tells about the interaction, the interweaving of personal stories and experiences and forms a web of life.


Guests of New Year coctail party in Artwin Gallery

Young artists and art enthusiasts spent yesterday evening in Artwin Gallery – there was a New Year's cocktail for friends and clients of the gallery, that was founded 6 years ago by Madina Gogova and Mariana Guber-Gogova in Moscow.

Christmas tree was decorated in Artwin Gallery with the artworks of the gallery's artist - Anna Titova. The results of a very busy 2018 were discussed — over past 12 months the artists of the gallery took part in various projects, from Rijskakademie in Amsterdam to Art Dubai.


The exhibition by Evgeny Antufiev in Multimedia Art museum

The first part of the project opened in June 2018 at the Archaeological Museum Antonio Salinas in Palermo, within the framework of the parallel programme Manifesta 2018. Evgeny Antufiev set himself an ambitious task — to construct a dialogue with unique exhibits in Sicily’s oldest museum. The result exceeded expectations. The exhibition was a resounding success and became the most important event of Manifesta 2018 in Palermo. The second part of the project was shown in Moscow in early October, at the S. T Konenkov Workshop Museum, a branch of the Russian Academy of Arts. This time Evgeny Antufiev created a dialogue with the classic master of Soviet art. Deep reflection on the work of Sergei Konenkov allowed the young contemporary artist to make a present-day context for perception of the sculptor’s works.

Evgeny Antufiev first conceived the idea of a dialogue with Dmitry Krasnopevtsev several years ago. This classic figure in Soviet unofficial art whose work was purchased during the artist’s lifetime by respected Soviet collectors such as Svyatoslav Richter, who greatly admired Krasnopevtsev’s work and organised the artist’s first apartment exhibitions, spent practically his entire career working in the genre of still life. Exactly translated, ‘nature morte’ means ‘dead nature’. Krasnopevtsev left us diaries full of philosophical arguments about the role of archetypal forms in world culture, about life and death, the fundamental problems of human existence and art. These diaries are carefully and lovingly quoted in Evgeny Antufiev’s exhibition.

While entering into a dialogue with the work of Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, whose works are now firmly established in museum and private collections, Evgeny Antufiev creates his own artistic world: sculpture made of bronze, wood, ceramics and photography, and the fantastic spatial installation into which he implants Krasnopevtsev’s works.

The exhibition will last from 5 December 2018 till 24 February 2019.


The exhibition by Evgeny Antufiev in Konenkov's museum

The project "When art became part of landscape" is the second part of the cycle of the artist's exhibition, presented earlier at the European Biennale of contemporary art" Manifesta 12 " in Palermo.
The exhibition "When art became part of landscape" is devoted to the Russian plastic sculptural tradition and connects two eras: the works by Evgeny Antufiev are adjacent to the previously exhibited works by Sergei Konenkov from the Museum's storerooms.
The creativity of Evgeny Antufiev is primarily an original work, and the artist's interest in the archaeological and local historical research formed the basis of many series of his works. The Russian sculptor, Sergey Konenkov, explores the importance of various materials in culture: stone, wood, amber and bronze. Created in ironic manner Antufiev's worlds are at the crossroads of nature and art, legends and facts, real and fictional.

The exhibition will last from 9 November 2018 till 3 February 2019.


Artwin Gallery was awarded ArtInStyle Prize

This year Moscow-based gallery Artwin Gallery was awarded the ArtInStyle prize, founded by InStyle magazine and Cosmoscow international art fair. Read the new interview with Mariana Guber-Gogova, the founder of the Artwin Gallery and the president of the Gogova Foundation in October InStyle Russia.


Artwin Gallery takes part in Cosmoscow Art Fair 2018

Artwin Gallery is pleased to present the works by the artists Anna Titova and Gulnur Mukazhanova at contemporary art fair Cosmoscow. The fair is held in Gostiny Dvor, Moscow from 7 to 9 of September 2018. It's the 5th time Artwin Gallery participates.
It is the first time Artwin Gallery shows the work by Anna Titova, been created from 2012 to 2018. There are collages from the series "Rituals of resistance", sculptures" Identikit"," Seeds of Unrest"," Closed Community "and"Last colony" among. Artwin Gallery previously have demonstrated the work by Gulnur Mukazhanova at Cosmoscow 2016. All her works that have been presented at that fair are purchased for important private collections, Russian and international. This year Cosmoscow presents an artwork by Gulnur Mukazhanova's "Posnomadic reality."
Both artists, despite the difference in methods, share an interest in the construction of myth, identity and the role of women in modern society. They are also united by a critical approach to the ontology of the art object and social relations, integrating traditional female craft and work with the practice of conceptual art.


Olya Kroytor with performance "2344. Penetration” at Manege

Olya Kroytor will present her performance "2344.Penetration" in the Central Exhibition Hall Manege, August, 20, 2018.
The performance is based on the previous performance by Olga Kroytor “2344” where the number identifies the length of the thread that the artist’s dress was made of. In the final project of the exhibition “Here and Now” the artist moves away from the position of the main performer since the director and the performer have their own ways to go. The artwork tells about the interaction and interleaving of private stories and experience forming a web of life. The dress becomes the metaphor of the conventions of the existence. It is a reference to the artist’s earlier performance “Cocoon” where the observable cocoon became the symbol of the illusory security. In this case the dress becomes a “shell” that everyone needs to remove by naturally making their own path - intersecting and creating a new figurative reality


Polina Kanis wiil take part in the exhibition of Why Not Galler

The Why Not Gallery presents ”The shift” show comprised of video The Shift by Polina Kanis and a photographic print from the series Private Landscape by Qetevan Gvinepadze.

Polina Kanis’s video The Shift takes place inside a grand Stalinist building that resembles some sort of a Soviet administrative, or vacational edifice. Anonymous institution, whose function remains unclear throughout the video, turns out to be a former museum as stated by the artist in the text. 

Ketevan Gvinepadze’s photographic print from the series Private Landscape is superimposed with Kanis’s video, forming a visual link with the video. In both works flesh attains political, metaphorical and playful dimensions.

The exhibition will last until September, 10, 2018.


Alexey Korsi in the exhibition project "Portal of Zaryadye"

Schusev State Museum of Architecture presents the exhibition project "portal Zaryadye", which will feature 15 works by contemporary Russian artists from July, 25 till August, 12, 2018. Alexey Korsi will take part in the project.

Each work presented at the exhibition is a reflection, provocation or question on the topic of the Zaryadye; as well as the actualization of the question of its relationship with the aesthetic, political and economic orders of the late capitalism of Moscow of the XXI century.


Artwm Filatov will take part in the exhibition "Space Hypnosis"

In the Grand Palace of the Museum-reserve "Tsaritsyno" opens exhibition-installation dedicated to architectural fantasies. Its purpose: to help understand how the world of imaginary architecture has constructed the creative consciousness of the people of the past. The most incredible ideas, freedom of design of air halls liberated the imagination of people of the Baroque and Enlightenment, the plans of which were embodied in the design of the theatrical stage.

"Space hypnosis" involves travel. In the exhibition halls lined the bridges between the culture of the XXI and XVIII century.

Among the participants of the exhibition artist Artem Filatov. The exhibition will last until September, 23, 2018.


Olya Kroytor will take part in "MeetUp ART+BLOCKCHAIN"

MeetUp ART+BLOCKCHAIN "Reproduction of works of contemporary art" will be held in the LoftAviator on July 19. One of the participants of the discussion will be the artist Olya kroytor. "AT the art+BLOCKCHAIN meetup, we will return to the concept of a copy that does not have an original, and discuss the problem of reproducing works of modern art in the era of the rapid growth of decentralized digital registry technology,” the organizers of the event write.


Evgeny Antufiev's exhibition in Museo Archeologico Salinas

Russian artist Evgeny Antufiev presented his personal exhibition "When Art became part of the Landscape. Chapter I" in Museo Archeologico Salinas - the most important public museum of the Greek and Punic art in Sicily.

«At times we cannot separate art from landscape. As Roman statues became part of the landscape and Etruscan vases part of the subterranean world; marble columns grow like trees, Mounds become hills. The domes of Russian temples look like mushroom colonies, Scythian stone statues protected the steppes. Sight perceives ancient art as part of the landscape like lakes, rivers, mountains and valleys. Ancient art is organically built in the universe and becomes part of it», - Evgeny Antufiev.

The exhibition will last from 16 June till 4 November 2018.


Evgeny Antufiev, Dima Rebus and RADYA took part in Mad House

Artwin Gallery's artists Evgeny Antufiev, Dima Rebus and RADYA took part in Mad House exhibition at Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, where Russian contemporary art of the 1980s-2010s merged with the classic pieces of the international mid-century and post-modern design.

The exhibition will last until 9 September.


Olya Kroytor took part in Anatomy Of Fairy Tale exhibition

Artwin Gallery's artist Olya Kroytor took part in Anatomy Of Fairy Tale exhibition in Schloss Pörnbach, Munich. 

"The mysterious world of fairy tales is the world of our childhood. Fairy tales have come down to us over the centuries, even over millennia, and have crossed mountains, rivers, and continents on their way. They originated in myths or legends, underwent transformations in the course of their oral transmission, were passed on from one culture to another, and refer to universal themes deeply rooted in the human experience", - Angelica Ammar.


The artist-talk of Polina Kanis at St. Petersburg

The artist-talk of Polina Kanis will take place at the Multimedia Art Museum in St. Petersburg as part of "The Art of New Media. Criticism and practice" week. The moderator of the meeting is Christina Ots, curator, art critic.
The meeting is dedicated to the work of one of the most titled young Russian video artists, to the key themes of her work, and to video as the main artistic media.


Evgeny Antufiev took part in the Baltic Triennale

The exhibition opens today at Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, and will last until August 12, 2018.

The work of the artist continues the line of research of archaic cultures and represents a series of sculptures made of ceramics and a specially constructed small pavilion and a temple at the same, with graffiti-wall painting inside.

In his practice, Antufiev privileges organic materials that have accrued symbolic weight through their continued use by human civilisations: animal bones, brass, copper, bronze, ceramics, furs and hides, stone, amber, wood, feathers. For Antufiev, whose practice is informed by his native Tuva, a province in Southern Siberia, rich with the archaeological remnants of Scythian warriors and where shamanism is still ingrained in the fabric of everyday life, things are never just what they seem. Rather, they are portals, open invitations into other realities, modes of mythmaking.

‘I love all dead nations’, - Antufiev has proclaimed in the past. We all die one day; and whether it takes decades, centuries or millennia for nations, tribes, communities to wither and disappear, is just a question of time.


Artwin Gallery' artists became nominees for the Innovation Award

Today is the ceremony of awarding the winners of the Innovation Prize. Congratulations to artists of the Artwin Gallery, who are among the nominees and winners. 

The artist RADYA took part in the 4th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art, nominated for the 'Project of the Year'. RADYA's work 'Where do we come from? Where are we going?' on the roof of the main building of the Biennale has become its own special project. 

Alexei Korsi was named one of the nominees for the 'Curator of the Year' prize for the collective exhibition project 'Simple feelings' - the final part of the 'Trilogy on contemporary art and local contexts', which was created by curator Alisa Savitskaya specifically for the Volga-Vyatsky branch of the NCCA as part of ROSIZO.  'Trilogy' was shown in the Nizhny Novgorod Arsenal in 2015-2017.

The winner of the 'Regional Project' award is Artem Filatov's project 'Back home' - an exhibition at the intersection of contemporary art and local history, exploring the forgotten layers of the history of Nizhny Novgorod. The exhibition was held in the building of the former Museum of the Nizhny Novgorod intellectuals, which was closed in 2014.


Olya Kroytor will take part in the exhibition My precious. Hair

Olya Kroytor will take part in the collective exhibition "My precious. Hair" at MMOMA, Gogolevsky, 

The history of the hairstyle reveals different ethnic traditions. In some cultures people don't thrown away cut-off hair because of the "bad eye" fear, but in others hair are the trophy. Some people order medallions or frames for the locks of beloved ones. Somewhere hair are the object of shamanic ritual and a kind of medium that connects reality with the other world.

25 artists will speak out on such integral and everyday attribute of corporality as hair.

The exhibition will last from April, 24 till June, 12, 2018.


Almagul Menlibayeva took part in exhibition Active Forms

Almagul Menlibayeva took part in the collective exhibition Active Forms: Selections from Sharjah Art Foundation Collection in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, which lasts until June 16, 2018.
Almagul Menlibayeva will show two multi-channel video installations - 'Kurchatov 22' (2012) and 'Along the Caspian' (2011, cooperation with Iranian artist Bahar Behbahani).
The exhibition is timed to the annual March Meeting 2018: Active Forms - a meeting of artists, art critics and institutions, the dialogue between whom is a basic condition for international artistic and cultural development.


Alex Corsi was named the 'Curator of the Year'

Alex Corsi was named the 'Curator of the Year' at 'Innovation - 2018' prize together with Alisa Savitskaya, Valentin Dyakonov and Anastasia Polozova for the project 'Simple feelings' (Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod).
'Simple feelings' (15.07.2017 - 10.12.2017) is a space of relations that arise between spectators, pieces of art, artists and the historical and cultural context of Nizhny Novgorod. More than 30 works by Russian and foreign authors were presented at the exhibition: paintings, graphics, sculptures and installations from the collection ROSIZO and private collections.


'Postcolonial Art of Central Asia'

Bakhyt Bubicanova took part in the exhibition 'Postcolonial Art of Central Asia' in Karlsruhe, Germany (GEDOK Künstlerinnenforum) with artists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. 

The aim of the exhibition was to pay attention to the negative conditions for the development of contemporary art in post-Soviet Central Asia and to try to analyze the transformational nature of experience, including political boundaries, cultural identity, social struggles and personal reorientation.


Almagul Menlibayaeva took the part in The Gangwon Biennale

Gangwon-do is the Korean province, which has been divided since the war: its territories are shared by South and North Korea. Therefore, Gangwon-do is located in a turbulent political-historical context.

The theme of International Biennale 2018 is called the "Dictionary of Evil". It calls for thinking about the environmental change on planet Earth, which becoming unsuitable for human settlement, immigration, violence and chauvinism in the political, economic and social spheres, wars and refugees, conflicts between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, social discrimination, missing value and worsening quality of life, social collapse and global inequality. In a word, about all those pages of the dictionary, which must not be written anymore, as well as the nature and role of art and the artistic needs of humankind in the modern world.

"Kurchatov 22" – five-channel video installation with surround sound – was taken by Almagul Menlibaeva inside the «Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union», formally known to insiders by its code name Kurchatov, 22. This is a secret territory of 18,500 square km in the Northwest of Kazakhstan, created under the control of Joseph Stalin and Lavrenty Beria in 1948. During a period of 40 years, military and scientific experiments were conducted here. 456 ground and underground nuclear explosions (with a total capacity in 2500 times stronger than the Hiroshima nuclear strike), about 600 thermonuclear, dozens of hydrodynamic and hydronuclear bombs irreversibly affected not only the environment, plants and animals, but also the local population – indigenous Kazakhs and Soviet workers. The video installation of Almagul Menlibaeva immerses viewers into a temporary dimension of the collective historical trauma of the Kazakh society.

The Biennale will last until March 18, 2018.


Artem Filatov won the grant of Garage museum

At the end of 2017 Garage Museum of Contemporary Art announced the winners of GARAGE.txt grant program. Artist from Nizhny Novgorod Artem Filatov and curator Alisa Savitskaya with their research A Brief History of Street Art in Nizhny Novgorod are among them.

For the past two years, Garage has been supporting authors who write about art and culture in the Russian language. Winners receive grants to finish their research as well as an opportunity to publish their studies as part of the Garage.txt series.


Leo Tolstoy Rooms. The War and Peaсe Project by Evgeny Antufiev

December 22 Evgeny Antufiev will present «Leo Tolstoy Rooms. The War and Peace Project» at the Zurich museum of literature and philosophy Strauhov. This is the sixth personal exhibition of the artist this year, it will last until January 7, 2018.

By exploring the smallest inconspicuous details – from book covers to postcards, from the wallpaper of the room in which the author died to the annual party of olstoy’s descendants – Antufiev collects dissonant visual fragments which he recomposes to challenge the historicised imagery surrounding the author’s life.


Polina Kanis's work at Galerie C

On December 20 Polina Kanis will present her works at ‘PETER AERSCHMANN, POLINA KANIS, URSULA PALLA' exhibition, Galerie C.


Ustina Yakovleva presented her new project at Zarya CCA

On November 21 Ustina Yakovleva presented her new exhibition at Zarya CCA. 

Ustina takes part in Zarya art residence, which idea is an art intercourse between local artists.


Evgeny Antufiev presented his new project at Mostyn gallery

On November 18 Evgeny Antufiev presented his exhibition 'Organic resistance: body and knife - crossing the border' – artefacts, ideas and stories collected from, or imagined by, local and mythological cultures from different parts of the world.
Inspired by the traces of shamanic practice in the Siberian region of Tuva, where he was raised, Antufiev slowly crafts his own mythologies through a semi-anthropological approach to exhibition making, mixed with a degree of kitsch aesthetic.


Polina Kanis's work at RijksakademieOPEN project

On November 24, 25 & 26 Polina Kanis and the 45 international artists present the results of last year’s work in their studios at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. RijksakademieOPEN is a unique moment in which the recent developments in the work of the residents are shown to the public and trends and innovations in contemporary art can be discovered.

Photo: Polina Kanis, 'The Procedure', 2017, three-channel installation, HD, 24’39”


Almagul Menlibayeva's work at WHEN THE SEA LOOKS BACK project

Almagul Menlibaeva took the part in WHEN THE SEA LOOKS BACK (A Serpent’s Tale) project.

WHEN THE SEA LOOKS BACK (A Serpent’s Tale) is the collective's The Many Headed Hydra second project. After it's evocation in VAA Nida Art Colony in Nida, it opens at District Berlin between October 19 and December 14, 2017. 

Photo: shot from Almagul Menlibayeva’s video work 'Transoxiana Dreams'.


Polina Kanis became the finalist of Kandinsky Prize

The artist Polina Kanis who has just successfully presented her new personal show at Haus der Kunst has made it to the shortlist of Kandinsky Prize in the "Best project" nomination.


Olya Kroytor's work at Ural biennale

During the 4th Ural biennale in Ekaterinburg artist Olya Kroytor presented her work Decay which was created in 2015. 

The work Decay explores transitional states, with an emphasis on the borders between life and death. “I remember I was five years old when I first felt the fear of death. It simultaneously provoked a frenzied desire to live, returning us to the starting point. In that moment, you understand that it is impossible to live with your eyes closed. It is a point in which you become aware of yourself in the here and now, not just as a body, but as a soul.”


RADYA presented his new project at the Ural Biennale

RADYA (b. 1988, Russia)
Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? 2017

For his new project RADYA chose an eternal philosophical question which came across for the first time while the artist was studying Immanuel Kant's work. He placed an installation outside the building of Ural Instrument Engineering Plant in Ekaterinburg, therefore it is located at the exact same place (and is made in the exact same size) as the Soviet slogan which has been hung there many years ago — looking similar in the framework but raising a completely different question, which marks the change of the times and states of mind.


Artem Filatov won the Credit Suisse and Cosmoscow Prize

During the opening of Cosmoscow International Art Fair artist Artem Filatov has been awarded with the Credit Suisse and Cosmoscow Prize for Young Artists. 


New project by Polina Kanis at Haus der Kunst, Munich

Artist Polina Kanis is working on a new project, which will be presented at Haus der Kunst this fall, September, 15, 2017 and will be on view through March, 18, 2018. The project represents an installation of three video works and objects. It is a part of a new project for the seventh and eighth iteration of the Capsule exhibition series.


Artwin Gallery at Cosmoscow Contemporary Art Fair

Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair 5th anniversary edition will take place at Gostiny Dvor on 8 – 10 September. Artwin Gallery will present new works by two artists at the Fair – watercolor artworks by Dima Rebus and works in different mediums by Artem Filatov.


"Kandinsky Prize" announced the list of nominees

July, 2017, the "Kandinsky Prize", one of the most important prizes in contemporary art in Russia, announced the list of the nominees for its 11th edition. The list includes 5 artists represented by Artwin Gallery.

Evgeny Antufiev
Nomination "Project of the Year" for the work "Fragile things"

Polina Kanis
Nomination "Project of the Year" for the work "Pool"

Olya Kroytor
Nomination "Project of the Year" for the work "Cocoon"
Nomination "Young Artist. Project of the Year" for the work "Coordinates of the disappearance"

Vladimir Chernyshev, Artem Filatov
Nomination "Young Artist. Project of the Year" for the work "Tabula"

Alexey Korsi
Nomination "Young Artist. Project of the Year" for the work "Fifteen centimeters"

The list of the finalists will be announced in early September this year, and the winners will be announced in December, 2017 at the official awards ceremony.


The work by Polina Kanis at Videobox Festival (Paris)

Polina Kanis took part in Videobox Festival that took place at the Carreau du Temple cultural center in collaboration with Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris. The theme of the festival sounded like Sounds and Movements, evolving the theme from previous year — City and Body. Curators Odile Burluraux (Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris) and Corentin Hamel (New Galerie) have chosen 110 works in the most relevant, from their point of view, media — video-art, that gives the artist an opportunity to use audiovusial practices which are not available for fine arts or traditional installation. 


Artwin Gallery at The Armory Show and Art Dubai

The Armory Show art fair will be held in New York from March 2nd till March 5th. The Focus section curated by Jarrett Gregory will feature new works by the Russian contemporary artist Anna Titova presented by the Artwin Gallery.

Piers 92 & 94 711 12th Avenue, New York, 10019

On the photo: Anna Titova, Dolmen, 2016

From March 15th till March 18th, for the second year in a row, the Artwin Gallery will take part in the most important art fair of the Middle East — Art Dubai. In the booth D5 of the Gallery Hall 2 we will present new works by the artists Bakhyt Bubicanova and Ustina Yakovleva.

Madinat Jumeirah, Al Sufouh Road, Umm Suqeim, Exit 39 (Interchange 4) from Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE


Artwin Gallery in Cosmoscow's main program

Artwin Gallery will present works by Bakhyt Bubikanova and Radya in the main program of Cosmoscow, an international contemporary art fair in Moscow. Booth B5, 9-11 September.


Polina Kanis' work at Off White Auction

For the third year in a row a charity auction, supported by Christie's, is to take place at Cosmoscow. All the funds raised will proceed to the "Naked Heart" Foundation. This year the theme of the auction is photography. Amongst items auctioned there will be works by emerging artists, as well as well-known ones, such as Erwin Olaf, AES+F, Polina Kanis and Andrey Bogush.


Kroytor's and Atabekov's works in non-commercial program

In 2016 two artists, represented by Artwin Gallery, will present their work in the non-commercial program of the international contemporary art fair Cosmoscow. Olya Kroytor will build the installation "Burnt room", which was could also be seen at her personal exhibition "The Coordinates of Disapperance" at Artwin Gallery in April 2016. Said Atabekov will show his work "Customs Point", which was also part of his 2015 personal exhibition "Wolves of the Steppes".


Artist talk with Polina Kanis at Garage MCA

The new artist talk in Garage's improvised salon in the West Gallery will introduce visitors to the young Russian video artist Polina Kanis in conversation with Adrey Kovalev. Influenced by theatre and dance traditions through attending classes as a child, Kanis revisits themes from the works of old masters in order to translate them into the language of contemporary art. The audience is welcome to study her work before the talk and is welcome in joining the discussion . The event is to take place on the 17th of August at 19.30


Olya Kroytor in conversation with Andrey Kovalev at Garage MCA

Andrey Kovalev’s cycle of artist talks continues with a meeting with Moscow born and based artist Olga Kroytor, who represents the young generation of Russian performance art. Participant of multiple group exhibitions and initiator of her own projects, Kroytor is best known for her performative gestures which draw on the century-old tradition of the medium, taking into account the socio-political and aesthetic conditions of present day Russia. In 2015, she won the Kandinsky Prize in the “Best Young Artist. Project of the Year” category for her performance The Fulcrum, during which she stood on top of a four-meter high wooden column for several hours. This elegant, yet physically intense piece is a metaphor for the search for a base, or core, that any thinking person is looking for, since their position in the contemporary world is often unstable, risky or even dangerous. As well as performance, Kroytor does installations, painting, drawings and collages, as well as photography and film.


Unexpected performance by Olya Kroytor at Archstoyanie

"In 2016 the organisers of 'Archstoyanie' chose for their continuing festival the theme of 'The Shelter' - a place, where one can hide from the rest of the world. The inhabitant of the capital Olya Kroytor became one of the brightest participants of the yearly event. For the duration of two hours she hung on a birch tree in a special cocoon - she undressed and wrapped herself in cellophane... Olga noted that through her performace she wanted to show the state which many people inhabit - the inability to overcome outside circumstances, to change something in their lives. Hence I wanted to portray the feeling of a person being constricted by frameworks, within a 'cocoon'." Stanislad Kupcov, Metro.
"Her performances are always heavily emotionally charged, and now, looking at a suffocating cocoon with a fragile person in it was frightening. It became both a symbol of protection, and a precursor of something new, as well as if a warning - with time the shelter may become dangerous for the wanderer who found themselves there", Darya Kurdyukova, Nezavisimmaya Gazeta.


Inter-generation artist talk

A public talk between Olya Kroytor and Leonid Tyshkov will take place on the 14th of July as part of the educational program of the Biennale for Young Art. This is an important part of the discussion-education program as it is a public conversation between artists from different generations, a dialogue-interview, where a younger artist asks their older one about their practice and tells them about their own. The event will take place on Thursday, the 14th of July ay 19:30, at Rochdelskaya 15, bldg 17-18.


Artwin Gallery opens 3 projects in Biennale's parallel program

Artwin Gallery has three projects in the parallel program of the Biennale for young art - "The Shift" by Polina Kanis and "Good Deal" by Dima Rebus in the grounds of Trehgornaya Manufactory (Rochdelskaya st 15, bldg 10 & 50) and an exhibition of Gulnur Mulhazanova in the gallery space at Tverskoy Boulevard 26, bldg 1.


Project by Anna Titova and Stas Shuripa at MMOMA

Agency of Singular Investigations (Anna Titova, Stas Shuripa), Dark Matter (Political Philosophy of Smear and the Social History of Fear), 2016

ASI in collaboration with the Center for Secret History Studies examine particular works from the collection of MMOMA as indicators of social emotions. According to the artists, the main object of their research is the social life of fear. Data collected by the Agency shows that fear has not only become an emotion associated with the 20th and 21st centuries, but is also a powerful force in the era of apparent historical optimism.

The exhibition VII PERMANENT COLLECTION DISPLAY, INTERACTION: Contemporary Artists Respond to MMOMA Collection at 25 Petrovka will run from the 2nd of July until the 27th of September.


Olga Kisseleva's personal exhibition at MOCAK

An exhibition titled "Still Life: Psychological Portrait" will run at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow 24 June – 25 September 2016. Curated by Agnieszka Sachar,  the exhibition will present two series combining photographs and text. The images show carefully arranged food items and everyday objects. The series Not So Miscellany is reminiscent of traditional still lifes, whilst works from the series Hyper Reality are open compositions. In both, the visual content has been complemented by texts, attempting to fathom the symbolic links of the things to the psyches of the persons who bought or stole them. The objects become the basis of a psychological and sociological assessment.


Kanis granted Rote Fabrik residency

Artwin Gallery’s artist Polina Kanis has won the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia’s competition for the Rote Fabrik art residency in Zurich in 2016.


Public talk with Olya Kroytor and Vitaly Patsyukov

On the 11th of May at 6pm an artist talk is to take place with the artist Olya Kroytor and the author of the accompanying text, art historian and curator, coordinator of interdisciplinary programmes at the NCCA, Vitaly Patsuykov.


Olya Kroytor granted JBMFF fellowship

Every year the Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fellowship Fund holds a closed competition. People who work in the fields of art and culture in Russia nominate artists and poets and an independent jury makes a decision. This year the 3 month fellowship in Rome was granted to Artwin Gallery’s artist Olya Kroytor.


Polina Kanis wins Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award

"And maybe it mirrors what is happening right now in society and in the world", Polina Kanis has been awarded the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award in the category of Best Media Object for her video work "Pool".


Polina Kanis nominated for Innovation Prize

"Complex, thoughtful, meditative and aesthetically perfect video performace", Interview Russia about Polina Kanis' nomination for Government Prize "Innovation" in the category of "New Generation". The exhibition of contestants of "Innovation-2015" will run in Moscow at the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, NCCA, from the 1st of April to the 29th of May.


Kanis' video works at Galerie C in Switzerland

Artwin Gallery's Polina Kanis is taking part in a group exhibition at Galerie C in Switzerland. The theme "Anthropocene" explores the presence of homo sapiens on Earth through photography and video works by four artists: Peter Aerschmann, Polina Kanis, Yann Mingard & Myriam Ziehli.


Artwin Gallery to take part in Art Dubai 2016

In the middle of March the international art and design community are coming to Dubai. From the 14th to the 19th of March the tenth international art fair Art Dubai is to tak place. It is the largest annual art-forum in the Middle East. Artwin Gallery is presenting contemporary artists from Russia: a pioneer of media art Olga Kisseleva and the celebrated performance artist Olya Kroytor.


"Garage" has announced the winners of its' grant

From 435 applications received in summer 2015, five new winners have been selected to receive this year's scholarship, including Anna Titova. Launched in 2012, the program is currently the only initiative of its kind in Russia. The recipients represent a range of genres in contemporary art, including video, photography, sculpture, painting, and street art. The principal selection criteria included originality, use of novel forms and materials, and credibility of artistic solutions.


Inside An Event show as a special project of 6th Moscow Biennale

"Inside an event" group exhibition will run at Artwin Gallery from September 12th of September to November 5th. This group exhibition will show works of three Moscow-based artists: Polina Kanis, Alexey Korsi and Alexey Mandych.


Artwin Gallery at Cosmoscow art fair

Gostiny Dvor is hosting the third year of the international contemporary art fair Cosmoscow. Artwin Gallery will present new works by two artists from Kazakhstan- Almagul Menlibayeva and Gulnur Mukazhanova.


Artwin Gallery at Cosmoscow contemporary art fair

After a long break an international art fair Cosmoscow is being held once again in 2014. Artwin Gallery is to take part in the fair for the first time with works by Olga Kisseleva and Olya Kroytor.