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8 Situations

Olya Kroytor

26.02.2015 - 16.04.2015

On February 25, 2015, Artwin Gallery inaugurates its new space on Tverskoy Boulevard with an exhibition by one of the most interesting young artists working today: Olya Kroytor. “8 Situations” presents a series of wall-based works created specifically for this solo show at Artwin Gallery. Kroytor breaks from traditional painting techniques, incorporating geometric abstraction, collage and comics, as well as three-dimensional objects, counter-reliefs that read almost hieroglyphically. The combined visual impact, geometric precision, color harmony and compositional rhythm are aesthetic markers underlining the gravity and depth of the artist’s statements. Having originally trained in graphics, Kroytor’s creative method continues to be heavily influenced by the principles of drawing. However, behind this seemingly uncompromising method, one senses the intuitive desire of the artist to transform chaos with art, to “restore order” in the universe.

Kroytor is highly demanding, both of herself and of her audience. Her work provokes reflection on an intellectual level, catalyzing an inner focus, bringing subconscious activity and a sense of the Gestalt all into dialogue. This element of provocation is a defining feature of Kroytor’s practice, as present in her performances as in her visual objects. In search of the perfect microcosm, Kroytor finds herself in league alongside other avant-garde pioneers of a “New Realism” based in precise forms and pure colors. But the artist goes beyond the bounds of fine arts, entering the realm of geometry and psychology. This movement towards an absolute is the vector leading the artist into the space of the avant-garde as a sphere of inner freedom. In this sense, the compositions within this series could be understood as but steps in Kroytor’s journey.

Working primarily in performance and graphic arts, Olya Kroytor is an active participant in multiple local and international projects. In addition to her solo exhibitions “Dissociative Identity Disorder” (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2011) and “Split Personality” (Regina Gallery, Moscow, 2011), Kroytor’s work was included in the Moscow International Biennale of Young Art in 2011, as well as in the seminal 2014 survey show “Russian Performance: A Cartography of its History” at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2014, one of her signature collage pieces appeared at auction at Sotheby’s London. Kroytor lives and works in Moscow.

“8 Situations” is curated by Olga Furman, an art-historian and researcher at the State Tretyakov Gallery.