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Reflected Action

Polina Kanis

02.03.2016 - 01.08.2016

In Artwin Gallery Kicik QalArt opens the first solo exhibition of Polina Kanis. In his works, the author exposes the fear of a traumatic encounter with the other, hidden at the heart of every community. Anti-utopian, and of realistic works of Pauline Kanis impose desert bezemotsionalny landscape against which the subjects are deprived of their emotions and alienated from themselves and from other such entities participate in standard and universal events, the causes and to which nothing it is known. In the video "Pool" Kanis we see as a place of safety for the group who had taken refuge from the world of people, in fact is not a safe haven, and expectations point. Darkness, humidity and reduced gravity completely define this space, carry all his symptoms. People in the bunker well, as they have been taught the experience of real danger. They are isolated and the future course of events is not so important for them.