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"Like a Merry–Go–Round in a Childhood" by Mika Plutitskaya

Mika Plutitskaya

04.11.2020 - 24.01.2021

The first solo exhibition of Mika Putitskaya "Like a carousel in childhood", organized by Artwin Gallery, is held in the Cube Moscow space from November 3, 2020 to January 24, 2020.

The central theme of the series is the memory and the mechanisms of its design. Painting, according to the artist, is historically most closely associated with the mythologization of memory. Plutitskaya actively uses the installation principle (both within an individual work and in building relationships between works), as well as the animation principle of change through repetition and scaling. That is why the unit of practice for the artist is more of a series than an individual work, which gives rise to multiple reproductions of similar compositions - a kind of attempt to find the elusive truth. A methodologically important concept for the artist in this visual study is the concept of "memory folds" by Deleuze. On the other hand, using the plastic and physical properties of paint, the artist works with ambiguity, blurring the lined image, returning the viewer to the idea of memory and its variability and inviting active participation in the game perception-image.

Visual material and the range of topics with which works Plutitskaya constantly widen this border. Thus, the starting point for the series was a photo of the early '70s accidentally found by the artist (in fact, a document), and on the other hand - the 1972 film "Oh that Nastya!", almost completely forgotten, but left us a widely known song about a deer. Thus, the name of the exhibition refers to two iconic songs from the world of Soviet childhood: "The Wind of Change" and "Beautiful Faraway". In fact, Plutytskaya offers us both psychological and material research of the Soviet childhood, for someone almost never happened, for someone who remained romanticized in unison with the popular culture of that time, and for someone who only gradually reveals his traumatic dark moments.