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Cosmoscow 2020

Ustina Yakovleva, Vladimir Chernyshev

11.09.2020 - 13.09.2020

This year Artwin Gallery is going to present a collaborative project by Vladimir Chernyshev and Ustina Yakovleva in the framework of Cosmoscow international art fair. Their artistic practice is well known for rethinking traditional practices because of the use of unique language and mythology. The project was brought to life by an outstanding situation of the current year when society faced the need to reconsider most of the common social mechanisms from technological advances to the importance of unmediated communication. For the first time in a while basic values, skills and social institutions came to the fore on the international agenda. Being the opposite of this background, the appeal to the study of manual, labor-intensive techniques in the field of contemporary art and the issue of personal mythology and interest in the archaic in the broad sense of the word become relevant again.