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When Art Became Part of Landscape. Part I

Evgeny Antufiev

16.06.2018 - 04.11.2018

“When art becomes part of the landscape”

The idea of the cycle When Art Became Part of Landscape is to reveal non-obvious connections and coincidences with works that are usually not displayed alongside the creations of today’s young artists.

The first part of the project opened in June 2018 at the Archaeological Museum Antonio Salinas in Palermo, within the framework of the parallel programme Manifesta 2018. Evgeny Antufiev set himself an ambitious task – to construct a dialogue with unique exhibits in Sicily’s oldest museum. The result exceeded expectations. The exhibition was a resounding success and became the most important event of Manifesta 2018 in Palermo.

Exhibition offered a special revisitation of the very concept of archaeological collection becoming the premise and the extension of a contemporary artist. According to this vision, the archaeological museum becomes a real museum of contemporary art, because – in Antufiev’s words – “We are contemporary of all the art that has seen the light and has been preserved.”

Antufiev held two more exhibitions: “When Art Became Part of Landscape. Part II" at the Konenkov Studio-Museum and “When Art Became Part of Landscape. Part III” at the Multimedia Art Museum.