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On The Other Side

Olya Kroytor

31.10.2015 - 21.02.2016

Olya Kroytor presents her three-part project “On the Other Side”, comprising the new video “Falling Apart”, the “Superfluous” photographic series, and the installation “Burnt Room”.
Kroytor’s works constitute a sustained exploration of personal experiences, feelings and fears. The endless flow of her internal musing is interrupted “freeze-frame” in the form of realised works, each of which are a reflection of thought in flow, the outcome of emotional searching. We are faced here with an attempt to pin down in time the moment of thought and of a certain feeling, paradoxically combining thought-out artistic expression and the exactness of embodiment. A sensorial message is encoded in the works, which invites the onlooker to immerse themselves in the space of sensations via the lens of their own perception and personal experience. For Olya Kroytor, the themes of disintegration, dying, and impurity are part of an unbroken and unceasing process, which by definition is also the flow of life.