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Olya Kroytor

Date and place of birth: 1986, Moscow, Russia.


2008-2009 The Institute of Contemporary Art
2007-2008 School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops»
2003-2008 Moscow Pedagogical State University (Graphic Art Department)


2016 Excluding Equilibrium, A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts, Almaty, Kazahstan
2016 The Coordinates of Disappearance, Artwin Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2015 On the Other Side, Artwin gallery, Kicik Qalart, Baku, Azerbajjan
2015 Time That Exists, Center for Contemporary Art Zarya, Vladivostok, Russia
2015 8 situations, Artwin Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2014 Unnecessary, Komnata Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2011 Dissociative Identity Disorder, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Moscow, Russia
2011 Split personality, Regina Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2010 Composition №1, Dvorets Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2016 Transcendent Piano Festival, Muzeon Park of Arts, Moscow, Russia
2016 After Glamour, Kunst im Tunnel, Dusseldorf, Germany
2016 The Shelte, Archstoyanie, Moscow, Russia
2016 DADA Festival, The National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia
2016 Co-author, Centre of City Culture, Perm, Russia
2015 BALAGAN!!!, Kuhlhaus, Berlin, Germany
2015 Practice Contact, 11th Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
2015 Remember Tomorrow, Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
2015 Influence, Artplay Design Center, Moscow, Russia
2015 The Fest, Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Moscow, Russia
2015 Ceremonial Portrait, 50A Studio, Moscow, Russia
2014 Russian Performance: a Cartography of its History, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
2014 What we hear, when we look?, Manifesta 10, First Cadet Corps, St. Petersburg, Russia
2014 Time for Dreams, main project of the 4th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, The Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia
2014 Moscow. Barocco, parallel program of the 4th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2014 Don't Even Dream!, parallel program of the 4th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Ru.Arts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2014 Do It, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
2014 After The Comic, Erarta Museum, St. Peterrsburg, Russia
2013 Stability. Ghosts, Random Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2013 Always in the Vanguard, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, England
2013 Part of the Whole, as part of the program of the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
2013 Expansion of The Subject, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Moscow, Russia
2012 The Reset, Red October Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2012 V museum - Platform Moscow, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Berlin, Germany
2012 Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art, Rizzordi Art Foundation, St. Petersburg, Russia
2012 2nd Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art, main project, Ekaterinburg, Russia
2012 Price, Agency ArtRu, Moscow, Russia
2012 Triple Reflection, Studio Kopecks, Moscow, Russia
2012 VGLAZ, Pecherskiy gallery, Moscow, Russia
2011 No Translations#2, Art residence, Moscow, Russia
2011 Employment History, Proekt_Fabrika, Moscow, Russia
2011 Run, ArtSquat, Moscow, Russia
2011 Nuts, Regina Gallery, London, England
2011 Russian Space Art, ArtRu Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2011 Malevich’ Spiral, Komnata Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2011 Russian Landscape, M&J Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2010 A lot - A lot, Gallery on Vspolny, Society for the encouragement of arts Foundation, Moscow, Russia
2010 ArtDiplom 2010, Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow, Russia
2010 Independent project as part of Art Moscow 2010, CHA, Moscow, Russia
2010 DO NOT DISTURB, as part of the program of the Biennale for Young Art, ‘Science 254’, Moscow, Russia
2010 No Translations, cArtRaum, Moscow, Russia
2010 Bozar, ArtRaum, Moscow, Russia
2010 Fresco Part I: Shadow's Thirty Six Friends, ArtRaum, Moscow, Russia
2009 Can’t take it anymore, VCSI, Voronezh, Russia
2009 Sputnik Art, TSUM, Moscow, Russia
2009 Art After the End of History, CHA, Moscow, Russia
2009 Graphics, ArtRaum, Moscow, Russia
2009 Second Square, Open Scene Theatre, Moscow, Russia
2009 Let me think, as part of the 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Red October, Moscow, Russia


2016 Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fellowship Fund Awards, Visual Art Nomination, winner
2016 Garage grant programs for emerging artist, winner
2015 Kandinsky Prize, Young Artist category, winner
2014 Sergey Kuryokhin, Contemporary Art Prize, Best Public Art category, shortlisted
2012 Kandinsy Prize, Young Artist category, nominee


Cosmoscow, Non-commercial programme 2016
Art Dubai 2016
Cosmoscow 2014